After reviewing translation samples of several candidates, Mr Gabriele Garibaldi was chosen by the LSE Mackinder Programme in April 2008 to complete the Italian translation of our latest publication "AnotherEurope?" (www.anothereurope.eu), assessing future development scenarios of the European Union. 
Mr Garibaldi has proven that he can work well under pressure, delivering the translation not only in record time, but beautifully and faithfully rendered – the style was praised by several of his compatriots. Not a small feat given that translating the book demanded an intimate knowledge of the workings of the European Union, as well as a sound understanding of the economic, financial, legal, foreign policy, security and defence, as well as environmental dynamics currently shaping our international system.

Johanna Moehring, London School of Economics



I am pleased to confirm that Gabriele Garibaldi is one of my trusted translators. He works regularly for Aspen Institute Italia’s quarterly Aspenia (Italy’s highly regarded journal on international affairs, edited by Marta Dassù). You can learn more about the Institute and view past issues of Aspenia at www.aspeninstitute.it. Gabriele has not only translated a great many articles for us over the last five years, but has also contributed several original pieces.
Gyneth Sick, Aspen Institute Italia


Gabriele provided an excellent translation service to me and to my company.
His work was accomplished in a very timely, and professional manner.
His availability was crucial to the success of my project
When I found myself at the printer with minutes left before needing to sign off on printing and unexpectedly needed additional translations Gabriele was available to provide it in a rush. Because of his availability and timely help I was able to print a perfect brochure in the time line I had to work with.
I am grateful to Gabriele for the wonderful service he provided and highly recommend him.

Mark S. Daffner, M.S. Daffner Diamonds Inc. International



Many thanks to Gabriele for being very accurate, quick and truly professional with the translation I outsourced to him. Grazie mille. Sono veramente onorata e tanto felice di aver lavorato con te!
Anna Martynova


Very effective, professional, flexible, hardworking translator that we will be happy to work with again!
Denker Media

On time delivery, professional work, will certainly use his services again in the future
Translate NC 



Punctual and accurate, it was a pleasure to work with Gabriele.
1st Applied Translations



Professional service, easy communication, pleasure to work.
Translation Services


Reasonably priced, extremely prompt, accurate translations - will work with again!
Marco Weinman

Competitive rates and work done to high standard within agreed timescales. I recommend Gabriele and I hope will work with him in the future.



Quality work done on time.